About Us

The Mission of Team Plitt Inc. is to help children and young adults transform their lives by providing leadership, character-building and motivational tools, along with proper nutrition and fitness methods, enabling them to achieve strong self-esteem, resulting in overall wellness, social and academic success.

We are witness to a man who spent his entire life getting ready for the day to explode on an opportunity.

This is the story about finding yourself, and let your free will dominate. This is a story about bring others to the same place where you got inspired to make a change. I believe that people are hungry for leadership without an agenda. I believe the story is still being written.

To mention Greg’s name, and being part of the team Plitt is a good day. Some may not accept and some may, just tell the story, and the day is good, filled with confidence, self worth, and powered by free will.


(Greg Plitt Sr.)